Saturday, December 10, 2011

Velvet Blazers For Women

Marc by Marc Jacobs

 We've all been obsessed with blazers in general, but nowadays, blazers have been getting an exciting twist, which happens to have been around before but we never really took notice of it. The first blazer i purchased set off a sand storm to my blazer diet (no seriously). almost everywhere i went shopping i scoped out for a blazer. So, as it relates to the title of this post, i came across my first velvet blazer in a thrift store (Goodwill thrift store on 23rd street in manhattan). Thrifting, a new found hobby of mind, took a while for me to get comfortable with. but that a completely different post in its own (look out for that post soon).
             blogger Rumi Neely from fashiontoast rocking a velvet blazer in one of her recent posts.

 A velvet blazer is a must have item in a girls closet! promise, you will be happy when you get one. It not only perfect for the fall/winter time in terms of trends right now, but it keeps you super warm and its a classic piece that you will be keeping for years, and possibly pass on.

 I found this blazer (above) for only $10.00  and the brand is the gap, which now has a similar blazer going for upwards of 200-400 dollars (uhm...O.o. yea). After i found it i said, eh, its cute. However, when i got home and did some research i saw that this was one of the top trendy items on many fall/winter runways this season. check out this recent post on velvet accents for the fall/winter - fashionbombdaily . 

Little did i know this when i purchased it. Great find i suppose. And what made it even better, it wasn't black.I have so many black items in my closet, it was begging for color, i just cant help it, i love black. I absolutely adore this color! Just have to get it dry cleaned and it'll be in a post coming real soon. whats your take on this velvet trend? and do you plan to make good use of it this fall/winter?


  1. i've seen this look on some women, i like it but i was in love with velvet as a kid... i'm scarred lol

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  2. Oooh, I'm loving that whole velvet suit! It really works. hmmmm....may have to get one :)

  3. @confessions lol nothing gets done without trying it
    @babybudget a whole suit? well, from what i've seen i know you'd rock it!

  4. I always love a good pants suit. I made one recently, and showcased it on my blog! Def making another one. I feel like pants suits are classy yet edgy. These in velvet is perfect for the holiday. I love red and blue so rich and strong! Love this post!