Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo...

absolutely love the poster by the way

While I have yet to read the book for this movie im complete intrigued and i'm so excited to see the movie! But something tells me i should read the book first O.o highly doubt thats going to happen... in any case the clothing from the movie grabbed my attention, so when i found out that H&M was collaborating with designer Trish Summerville, i thought.....can i pull this look off though? The collection consists of faux-leather coats, biker pants, shredded tees, and dark denim miniskirts.

I'm still on the fence on this here pants, sadly i have something similar already in my closet, sad...

If there was one thing i'd purchase from the collection it would be these faux?-leather leggings/pants

everything else seems basic...
My clear answer to myself was no...just no. But i do love the looks put together in the campaign. Just really doubt i'd be able to pull the look off, then again you never know, isn't fashion about taking risks and trying new things? 
While I do like the pieces put together in the ad campaign, the pieces on their own don't exactly push any buttons to make me want to go make a purchase, they already look like clothes i can either make or already have in my wardrobe, not to knock the designer, then again i guess we are paying for the brand. Yea, we'll see where and how that goes as far as my money is concerned. Stay tuned to see if i decide to try one of these looks in an upcoming outfit post, and i ask you...would you try this look?


  1. Can't wait to see the movie! The H&M collection looks great I love the leather jacket...I would really like to own one

  2. I love the American Flag Tee shirt!! The collection is very Rick Owens

  3. I loved the movie, although the original version in my opinion was better ;) but I wasn't impressed with H&M line..