Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm not afraid...

...of uploading pictures with bunny ears...point being...all night i had bunny ears and they were in majority of my pictures was either upload them or no pictures at all lol

We went to the historical Port Royal and ate at Gloria's. Once again, i still don't have a clue why i left jamaican food behind.

Top: Romeo&Juliet, Earrings: F21

The next day my brother filled up my camera with pictures of himself...Well... I took the pictures lol =D. Hadn't seen him in almost 3 years I couldn't say no =( I'd be regretting it right now

At scotches AGAIN! I loves this place!
Dress: F21, Shoe:Steve Madden, Cardigan: Calvin Klein, Belt:F21

JERK PORK AND FESTIVAL!! .........for some strange reason i'm getting hungry right now...
 No utensils were needed. Open foil paper and indulge =D
Tiffany :)


  1. You're so cute! I'm really digging that grey top! It's so god to spend time with family. Your adoring fans can pardon the interruption for your moment with bro, we understand.

  2. lol thank you!! he doesn't even know about the blog...i should tell him...since he's on here lol

  3. Cute pictures!! All that food looks so yummy!!

  4. I love you grey top and the scenario makes me want to travel so bad...and also that your hair, hmmm...i might have to come cut some :)

    ps: you have been missing on twitter