Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm going on a boat and im not coming BACK!

I suppose i have a bit of explaining to do....uhm one word...---> school. I know i know, excuses, excuses. However seeing that i'm currently 3 weeks from graduation...the walls are caving in. I've had these pictures uploaded and ready to post since April 6th O.o I've been so busy i had no time to press the post button. Its that serious. Anywhosie. At this point i'm trying to buy time until i leave campus...where i'll be in the real word and have freedom to wear anything i want! (upcoming posts will explain) and my poor shoes...have not been touched smh. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures! i know they are late but i'm trying =). I think i have one or 2 more posts left. I did not know i had that many pictures to post. lastly, thank you to everyone that take time out of their already busy schedule to stop by and post such sweet comments!!.....ENJOY!!!

Who thinks i should take another vacation in 3 weeks???? *raises hand* , sadly i dont think thats going to happen =(

this cup in my hand was soda....i swear!! =D


  1. See who finally posted! LOL! I love the first picture and I don't mind going on the boat too. I really want to lay on the beach!

    I had no idea you were graduating...CONGRATS!!!!



  2. Congrats on graduating.

    I love your vacation pics.

    And your Jamaican! :O First time coming to your blog btw, i am Jamaican too. But not born directly, only parents.

  3. Congrats on your graduation! And boy do I wish I was on vacation again!


  4. "Soda" huh?! lol j/k

    I love that hat in the first photo!

    Congrats on graduating! :)


  5. Congrats on graduation!! Mine is in about 2 weeks. Your pictures are fabulous.

  6. Thank you everyone!!

    @jadore LOL i know i know...very very bad :(

    @babybudget...i say we make our own holiday haha

    @toria...is soda!! :p lol promise :D everybody else was drinking but me o:)

  7. looks like fun times. i hope to go to the beach this weekend if the weather is nice. there won't be any boats involved though ;)

    congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  8. good luck with school and looks like you had a great time :)

  9. I SO know the feeling. I'm approaching my SENIOR years of college, and I'm already being beat-up by these classes. LOL.

    Kimberly, FWB