Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flower Power...

I figured since i was coming from such cold weather that a dress was in order for the warm climate. Jamaica's weather is absolutely perfect. Hot weather during the day (not the kind that can give you a heat stroke) and cool weather at night, perfect for a cardigan or not. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! lol

dress: F21, shoes: vans, accessories: Casio watch and Aero. bracelet

Being that my trip to Jamaica was going to be so short (planning a longer trip lol) I didn't want to go and spend any outrageous amount of money on clothes, especially since I hadn't really had anything for spring. So my one stop shop was Forever 21. I found really cute items that were not expensive and perfect for the weather.

See me looking my shoes in this picture? that tiny spot? Well just keep in mind what they look like right now. Future pictures will explain why lol. Just remember them. =)

Me and the BFF


  1. Cute little frack...*clears throat*...I mean dress! lol :)

  2. love the floral dress with brown belt!

    PS: the food was some kind of chicken pita! :)


  3. thanks for your comments guys! you keep me going! even though i'd been away...not by choice lol

    lmao @toria!! too funny! yes mi love mi frack (okay that was too much patois than i'm used to lol)

  4. Cute dress! Can you believe I don't have a floral dress?? I need one!

  5. Enjoy your time in Jamaica :) Cute dress!!

  6. You look simply adorable in this. Its the perfect spring ensemble.


  7. that floral dress is beautiful on you!

  8. Love the floral dress :) Cute pics!

  9. Cute dress! I love florals =) You look great in it.

  10. I like your dress and I love that color on your lips. Picture perfect.