Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take Me Back...I Want to Ride the Waves

i rode a horse!! and i was terrified O.o...obviously

this was MY plate...... lol jk ;)

Waves beach!
Can you believe we had this entire beach to ourselves for the day? everyone was either at school or work...
With the amount of work i have to do right now i'd give it up to go back to Jamaica, who wouldn't though...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flower Power...

I figured since i was coming from such cold weather that a dress was in order for the warm climate. Jamaica's weather is absolutely perfect. Hot weather during the day (not the kind that can give you a heat stroke) and cool weather at night, perfect for a cardigan or not. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! lol

dress: F21, shoes: vans, accessories: Casio watch and Aero. bracelet

Being that my trip to Jamaica was going to be so short (planning a longer trip lol) I didn't want to go and spend any outrageous amount of money on clothes, especially since I hadn't really had anything for spring. So my one stop shop was Forever 21. I found really cute items that were not expensive and perfect for the weather.

See me looking my shoes in this picture? that tiny spot? Well just keep in mind what they look like right now. Future pictures will explain why lol. Just remember them. =)

Me and the BFF

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have an excuse though...

Hi Guys!!

Soooo.... I've been away for awhile. O.o No comment lol
But seriously, i've been swamped with multiply projects in an effort to ensure that i graduate this semester. My spring break trip came right in time through all my stress and i enjoyed every last second of the warm weather. Only to come back to snow and hail. I will not elaborate on how I feel about the current weather condition. Lets just say it wouldn't be good. I took tons of pictures and most times forgot to take pictures! Reason being is that i left my camera cord and had no way of unloading my camera. Anyways, with that being said I will be uploading pictures of my trip and i hope you guys enjoy!  My trip was so much fun I'm trying to plan another trip for the summer time, or basically any free time i have worth paying a ticket for :D.
The pictures below are from when i just landed and out to eat with my bff, brother and friend at a local eatery called Scotchies. The food was AMAZING!!! More blabbering on the food to come with the other pictures I am sure. With each picture you'll more than likely see what I did each day.

Top: F21, Fedora: AE, Sunnies: Tretorns