Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Picks - L.A.M.B Fall 2011 Collection

I never blog or post collections from fashion shows but this L.A.M.B. collection  that just showed at NYFW had me jumping up and down! I loved this collection. I love all the pieces but I just wanted to share with you guys some pieces that I thought were great!

Ragga Muffin Girl: words cannot express how in love I am with this first dress O.o lol

London Girl

Mod Girls

Soldier Girls

I like change...

So i think i'm changing my background and such again guys. lol i have not been content with it. I want something sleek and simple with alot of space! it just all feels clustered. Let me know what you think?...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Not] Always All About Business

I recently had to go to Columbia  University for a lecture for my scholars class, so I thought it was only fit to dress very business casual. Not too business-y. Now I have no idea why I decided to leave my camera because the campus was soooo beautiful. The architecture and feel of all the building were amazing, especially at night. So pretty. One of their library is probably 1/2 of my campus, but no biggy. Love it all the same. 
Blazer: Calvin Klein| Jeans: Joe's| Sheer shirt: H&M| tank: F21 |flats: Aldo| earrings: Swarovski 

Ask no questions as to why a *simple* outfit post picture session resulted in a full on photo shoot. None the less my roommate kept clicking away and I followed the flow lol. I decided to share there last two pictures from the session. The rest O.o. I'll just keep those to myself for fear of embarrassment. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. My camera was taking al blurry pictures so all the outfit pictures I took before are no good. I've fixed the problem. (pressed a button smh) Anywhosie, have a great weekend! I'll try to post again before the weekend and make sure to carry my camera around with me this weekend. Oh and Happy [belated] Valentines day!! =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Crunch time

I can now truly say that I have been hit with a major case of senioritis. I've been putting off so much that its all catching up to me... and I need to take care of them asap lol. Let's see how well i'll be able to balance the blog since i have so much work on my hands.

coat: Tulle | Jeans: hydraulics | T-shirt: Guess | Tank: Random | Earrings: Swarovski | Booties: Vera Wang

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snap shots

The east coast has been getting hit with a lot of snow storms, so naturally my roommate and I went outside to take snap shots of how pretty it was after all the snow stopped lol. I started a digital photography class this semester (Currently using a Nikon D40) and we went out to take some snap shots of the campus. A lot of trees were completely covered in ice and were so pretty. I hope all enjoy these and that my picture taking skill grow...or this class will be a waste. =)

While the snow was pelting outside... i found comfort in my room under a warm blanket, with hot chocolate and Dormtainment on youtube. If you haven't checked out these guys I advise that you do. They are extremely talented and had me laughing (and procrastinating O.O) through my snow day...enjoy.