Saturday, January 1, 2011

~ The Original B.o.B ~

As the end of 2010 drew near I decided to throw on my Bob Marley shirt and get ready to roam where ever! As mentioned in my last post, I had NO WHERE to go. None the less, I ran errands and made the best of my NYE. 

So to start the year off right I thought I'd spruce up my blog a bit! From time to time you will see that my mind keeps changing and I am still working on it.  I don't know, I don't want perfection but something that makes me feel at ease with the way the blog looks. I loved this background i found and thought I'd try it out, but I am not really sure about this yellow-brown color... I MAY change it again. lol =). Let Me know your opinion!

So apart from having to come up with new things for my blog I also have to worry about the lighting in my room [where I have to take pictures because i currently have no camera(wo)man, roomie is at home].  I changed my camera and because of the really bad lighting in my room I now have to learn how to use a program to fix my pictures lighting [oh how fun it is]. Sooo... I tried editing a picture and... I went from this:
Bob Marley Top: Delia's, White Tee: F21, Jeans: Dylan George, Bootie: Vera Wang, Black Scarf: Random, White Scarf: D.I.Y., Jewelry: Grad Ring.
To this:

I have no idea where I went wrong with this lighting situation and am unable to figure out how I added as much light in the first picture to all the rest of the pictures! I think I spent at least an hour trying to figure out LIGHTING! I'm sure i'll figure out exactly what I did before...soon x_x. For now these will do right? 
Hopefully the pictures will get better soon since one of my BFF's come back tomorrow so i'll be able to take pictures outside yay! Taking pictures on your own is not ideal. You have no one to laugh with and cheer you on and it gets boring! And as fellow blogger Fashionista-Next-Door said in her recent post, You get stuck with ALOT of sad/grumpy/angry pictures. So frustrating. But only time will tell if this software and I will become friends or enemies. Let us see.

Last month year, I tried my hand at my first DIY. Lets cut to the chase.. the bullseye in the pictures! That white 'scarf'. Next time I will use a larger shirt lol. Because it was obviously a disaster so please bare with me.

I hope you rang in 2011 safe and were still able to stand you straight at the end of the night! lol If you couldn't stand up straight I assume you enjoyed the night for many of us who were stuck home. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and very prosperous New Year!! I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs and hope you enjoy it! Spread love <3.


  1. Happy New Year!!! I love those boots! PLEASE tell me where you got them...

    omg, that first picture is so full of light. the colors look great. if i could get pictures that I took indoors to look like that, I'd be set! The rest of the pictures don't look bad either though. They are WAY better than any of my indoor shots. LOL!

    I love this layout! :)

  2. Those shoes are to die!!! Readers clearly want to know where we can find them... fabulous!

    Loving the new layout.


  3. Lol I was just about to do a post on the boots! I got them from the vera wang line at Kohls! Check out the website!

    @ife' LOL I have no idea where I went wrong! I mean the first pic is great and then its downhill from there... Hopefully I'll figure it out soon *crosses fingers* Thanks for stopping by and for your support! =)

    @nadia thanks for stopping by and thanks for your support! =)

    @kdr*s lol I had you guys in mind! I'm about to do a post on them! =) Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your support!

  4. Such a cute, casual look. I really love those jeans and the booties. Adorable.

  5. @jean-pierre love me some bob! thanks for stopping by! =)

    @manecoarse thank you and thanks for stopping by! =)

  6. LOVE the boots! :)