Monday, January 3, 2011

New in my closet: Thift finds, Booties, Satchel & trying the whole make-up thing

Vera Wang Anankle Bootie

After my last post I got inquiries about the booties was wearing. In the most unexpected place is where I found them: KOHL'S! Click on the link to purchase if you would like. I think they are currently on sale too and available in sizes 6 - 9.5!

Gap Sweater
While in Connecticut, my mom and I decided to brave the aftermath of the snow storm (note: don't try this lol) and we went Thifting! I had gone thrifting before but found it very weird. I'm not sure why but I went into a thrift store in NYC and found it strange to pick out items. I was told that you will never get the hand of thrifting the first time, so with this as my second try I though I'd find it more interesting and FUN. Well it wasn't. There wasn't much at the thrift store we went to that really caught my eyes. I was able though to find this gap sweater that was in great condition. I think I paid around $3-$6.  
Coach Belt
L.A.M.B. Worthington handbag
I had been looking for a cute satchel that was  LV Speedy shaped without the LV Speedy Price [hopefully i'll get an LV Speedy priced one from graduation! =)] I found the cutest L.A.M.B handbag that retails for $290 but I got it for....$69.00 from
My senses always seem to tell me to wait because that is exactly what happened with this satchel as well!
Cooperative lace up bootie
This bootie i got from Urban Outfitter and had mentioned in a previous post. It's currently on sale, so if your interested click here.
As a member on Ruelala, you get many brand named items, without the brand named price! So, how happy was I when I saw they had a $50.00 gift card for $25.00! I was even more happy because I had a $20.00 credit, so I only paid $5.00 for a $50.00 to!
I had heard that the Urban decay line was really good so I ordered three of their palettes. Now, the problem is, I have to figure out how to use them and get proper make-up brushes. These techniques for blending, filling in the crease and all that have me very confused because when I try it I see NOTHING. I don't know. Maybe I need to be patient and take my time because God knows that when I try to do a look i'm trying to be done in 5 minutes! lol I'll keep you posted on if i've built my patience with these palettes and possibly share some looks I have done.

It's now 7 A.M. and I have did not sleep last night! I stayed up watching Takers... can anyone tell me why I hadn't seen this movie yet?!! It was amazing! It was basically like set it off...just the guys version...only in takers #SPOILER ALERT! chris brown and his big brother (can't remember his name but you know who i'm taking about) did NOT have to died. They could have just surrendered! And Idris' sister was just irritating me. She basically ruined their whole plan...leading the cops to the money she stole! Sorry to say this but i'm happy T.I.'s character died.. he was just itching under my skin! Look at me getting angry at a movie! lol
Anyways, I'm annoyed right now really, because I may have work at 8:30. So, I highly doubt I'll be in any condition to take pictures or to post until wednesday! lol I'll be spending tomorrow getting my well deserved rest.

So Until...Wednesday  O-o

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  1. I love everything you got! I want those Vera Wang boots right now!

  2. j'adore les chaussures (surtout les Vera Wang), et le pull GAP


  3. Good thing I didn't reader after the spoiler alert--I need to see that movie. love the Vera Wang boots!

  4. sounds like you got a great deal of savings! love the boots.

  5. @majormusthaves lol girl get your hands on 'em before its too late! they are support comfortable too

    @agnes thank you! hppy new year to you as well =)

    @j'adore lol i thought i'd warn before i completely ruined the movie for anyone. its really good! Thanks for stopping by! =)

    @oomph I saved so much over the holiday it is ridiculous! Thank you for stopping by! =)

  6. You purchased some awesome things!!! I loved The Takers, I saw it as soon as it came out.

  7. @sunny that movie was too good i tell you! but i was sad at how it turned out in the end! lol :( thanks for stopping by!

    @jazzyE lol I was supper happy when I found 'em girl! Next time I see any of these deals I'll post them so that everyone can get these offers if they would like... The boots are still on sale i think! =) thanks for stopping by!

  8. lovely finds!I heart the gap sweater

  9. if i were you, i would never take those wedge booties off!

    i'm also playing around with makeup. when i tell you i have O skills that is not an exaggeration, BUT after much practice i was pretty impressed with what i did for NYE.

  10. @chictherapy thank you! and thanks for stopping by =)

    @simplychic lol!! oh i wish...because i love them! unfortunately for me the ice/snow here is slowly melting on the ground and i foresee me falling in the near future in heels lol so i have to wait a bit....although that doesn't stop me from pretending i'm going somewhere and wearing them in my dorm haha =) lol. I saw your tweeted pics of what you did a couple weeks ago and you did a great job! i only wish to be at that stage soon lol until then i'm taking my time. It hard stuff. thanks for stopping by!

  11. great choices. I *heart* thrift/consignment shopping