Friday, January 14, 2011

I have No Words

I seriously shouldn't have any words, simply based on how I just spent my last almost 5 hours! I got up today with every intention of posting my pictures. I simply had to do a little editing before this was possible. After figuring out the lighting situation again on my program I was more than happy that I would finally be able to post my pictures after being gone for so long. Little did I know that just 20 minutes later i'd have an enemy.  
Blogger + I have been fighting for the past 4 hours and I seriously was just going to give up. Long story short.... I couldn't add my pictures among many other frustration and head ache that it caused! lol Anyways after about 2 hours of googling how to fix my problem I was able to upload my pictures. Right now I sit with a headache and just really want to go in my bed and watch some TV. On to happier times now!
Blazer: Calvin Klein|Tee: VS|Jeans: Joe's Jeans|Boots: Anne Michelle|Scarf: Random|Clutch: Aldo|Necklace and earring: F21.

I wore this outfit to a friends birthday outing! I'll update with a group picture later. That is a whole other headache to get that picture so... lol 
Birthday girl in the middle! Happy birthday Bozhi
 My apologizes for looking angry? in this pictures below... I look angry but I liked the picture so I just posted it. 
 My attempt at doing a make-up look with my goodies I got from urban decay. Let me know what you think....
Please keep in mind I am not a make up artist and this is literally probably my third time putting on make-up but first time actually wearing it out. I needed practice... 

 Last but not least I want to say thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments on my 'sick post,' I'm feeling much better and am determined to not let this thing ruin my entire break! i only have like a week left and I plan to enjoy every bit of it lol. Thank you guys!!!! =) 

 I hope you guys liked this post!
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  1. Very nice. Love yellow on you. You also have beautiful eyes.

  2. i love a yellow scarf. i wore mine today!

    you did a great job on your makeup! can't believe that was kinda your first time.

    blogger is so bootleg. i have sooooooo many problems with them.

  3. Cool blazer..they always add a nice touch!

    **It's always cool finding other fashionable Jamaican sisters! I'm now a follower! :)

  4. love the touch of yellow and the eye make up--I suck in make ups beside red lipsticks :)


  5. thanks for the sweet comments guys!! =)

    @majormusthaves thank you =)

    @simplychic i tried lol. Before i was thinking that I could do it all in like 10 mins. but apparently that is not the case. I was these doing that look for almost an hour! lol

    blogger is just getting on my nerves lol im seriously contemplating moving, but that is so much work :( we'll see.

    @toria omg hey girl!! thank you so much. Heading over to you blog right now!! =)

    @j'adorefashion lol thats me too. i'd rather lipstick! but i figured why not haha we'll see how far this goes lol

  6. cool shoes!