Friday, January 28, 2011

Snowed in...=)

Although I only had one class yesterday we all hopelessly waited for school to call in a snow day….and so they did around 12. And this is how we spent the rest of our day LOL taking pictures and relaxing from the first two “stressful” days of classes. Haha On top of this “issues” the wireless Internet here has gotten from bad to worse. It’s really hard to find good connection to upload without plugging in my Ethernet cord and be able to go blog surfing. I’ll try my best though.

bestie and the roommate

Sweater: Random from TJMaxx| shirts: hollister and VS| Jeans: AE| Bootie: Vera Wang| Scarf: Random

In other Exciting news I’m going to JAMAICA for spring break!!!

So, right now I am looking for everything and all things warm weather…lol I know its like 1 month and a couple weeks away but its better to be prepared now than wait for the last minute. So for the lack of photo’s guys but where I am the snow condition is not great at all. Hope to post new pictures soon!! =)
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On The Hudson...

Just a quick post of our continued celebration of Bozhi's Birthday. Hope you enjoy =)
Top, Skirt, Jewelry: F21|Tights: Betsey Johnson|Shoe: Mia|Belt: Charlotte Russe
Me and the Bff
Birthday girl!

The only picture with a good shot of the eye make-up I was wearing lol
Oh and I'll be doing my first giveaway soon, but I am not too sure what I will be giveaway as yet! Will keep you posted =)


Friday, January 14, 2011

I have No Words

I seriously shouldn't have any words, simply based on how I just spent my last almost 5 hours! I got up today with every intention of posting my pictures. I simply had to do a little editing before this was possible. After figuring out the lighting situation again on my program I was more than happy that I would finally be able to post my pictures after being gone for so long. Little did I know that just 20 minutes later i'd have an enemy.  
Blogger + I have been fighting for the past 4 hours and I seriously was just going to give up. Long story short.... I couldn't add my pictures among many other frustration and head ache that it caused! lol Anyways after about 2 hours of googling how to fix my problem I was able to upload my pictures. Right now I sit with a headache and just really want to go in my bed and watch some TV. On to happier times now!
Blazer: Calvin Klein|Tee: VS|Jeans: Joe's Jeans|Boots: Anne Michelle|Scarf: Random|Clutch: Aldo|Necklace and earring: F21.

I wore this outfit to a friends birthday outing! I'll update with a group picture later. That is a whole other headache to get that picture so... lol 
Birthday girl in the middle! Happy birthday Bozhi
 My apologizes for looking angry? in this pictures below... I look angry but I liked the picture so I just posted it. 
 My attempt at doing a make-up look with my goodies I got from urban decay. Let me know what you think....
Please keep in mind I am not a make up artist and this is literally probably my third time putting on make-up but first time actually wearing it out. I needed practice... 

 Last but not least I want to say thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments on my 'sick post,' I'm feeling much better and am determined to not let this thing ruin my entire break! i only have like a week left and I plan to enjoy every bit of it lol. Thank you guys!!!! =) 

 I hope you guys liked this post!
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Hate being sick :(

Just a quick update for my absence. I've been sick for the past four days and i've been chained to my bed not feeling in the mood to take pictures. I'll be back soon...hopefully! In the mean time i keep busy visiting blogs! lol later...

MsMedSchool =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New in my closet: Thift finds, Booties, Satchel & trying the whole make-up thing

Vera Wang Anankle Bootie

After my last post I got inquiries about the booties was wearing. In the most unexpected place is where I found them: KOHL'S! Click on the link to purchase if you would like. I think they are currently on sale too and available in sizes 6 - 9.5!

Gap Sweater
While in Connecticut, my mom and I decided to brave the aftermath of the snow storm (note: don't try this lol) and we went Thifting! I had gone thrifting before but found it very weird. I'm not sure why but I went into a thrift store in NYC and found it strange to pick out items. I was told that you will never get the hand of thrifting the first time, so with this as my second try I though I'd find it more interesting and FUN. Well it wasn't. There wasn't much at the thrift store we went to that really caught my eyes. I was able though to find this gap sweater that was in great condition. I think I paid around $3-$6.  
Coach Belt
L.A.M.B. Worthington handbag
I had been looking for a cute satchel that was  LV Speedy shaped without the LV Speedy Price [hopefully i'll get an LV Speedy priced one from graduation! =)] I found the cutest L.A.M.B handbag that retails for $290 but I got it for....$69.00 from
My senses always seem to tell me to wait because that is exactly what happened with this satchel as well!
Cooperative lace up bootie
This bootie i got from Urban Outfitter and had mentioned in a previous post. It's currently on sale, so if your interested click here.
As a member on Ruelala, you get many brand named items, without the brand named price! So, how happy was I when I saw they had a $50.00 gift card for $25.00! I was even more happy because I had a $20.00 credit, so I only paid $5.00 for a $50.00 to!
I had heard that the Urban decay line was really good so I ordered three of their palettes. Now, the problem is, I have to figure out how to use them and get proper make-up brushes. These techniques for blending, filling in the crease and all that have me very confused because when I try it I see NOTHING. I don't know. Maybe I need to be patient and take my time because God knows that when I try to do a look i'm trying to be done in 5 minutes! lol I'll keep you posted on if i've built my patience with these palettes and possibly share some looks I have done.

It's now 7 A.M. and I have did not sleep last night! I stayed up watching Takers... can anyone tell me why I hadn't seen this movie yet?!! It was amazing! It was basically like set it off...just the guys version...only in takers #SPOILER ALERT! chris brown and his big brother (can't remember his name but you know who i'm taking about) did NOT have to died. They could have just surrendered! And Idris' sister was just irritating me. She basically ruined their whole plan...leading the cops to the money she stole! Sorry to say this but i'm happy T.I.'s character died.. he was just itching under my skin! Look at me getting angry at a movie! lol
Anyways, I'm annoyed right now really, because I may have work at 8:30. So, I highly doubt I'll be in any condition to take pictures or to post until wednesday! lol I'll be spending tomorrow getting my well deserved rest.

So Until...Wednesday  O-o

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MsMedSchool =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

~ The Original B.o.B ~

As the end of 2010 drew near I decided to throw on my Bob Marley shirt and get ready to roam where ever! As mentioned in my last post, I had NO WHERE to go. None the less, I ran errands and made the best of my NYE. 

So to start the year off right I thought I'd spruce up my blog a bit! From time to time you will see that my mind keeps changing and I am still working on it.  I don't know, I don't want perfection but something that makes me feel at ease with the way the blog looks. I loved this background i found and thought I'd try it out, but I am not really sure about this yellow-brown color... I MAY change it again. lol =). Let Me know your opinion!

So apart from having to come up with new things for my blog I also have to worry about the lighting in my room [where I have to take pictures because i currently have no camera(wo)man, roomie is at home].  I changed my camera and because of the really bad lighting in my room I now have to learn how to use a program to fix my pictures lighting [oh how fun it is]. Sooo... I tried editing a picture and... I went from this:
Bob Marley Top: Delia's, White Tee: F21, Jeans: Dylan George, Bootie: Vera Wang, Black Scarf: Random, White Scarf: D.I.Y., Jewelry: Grad Ring.
To this:

I have no idea where I went wrong with this lighting situation and am unable to figure out how I added as much light in the first picture to all the rest of the pictures! I think I spent at least an hour trying to figure out LIGHTING! I'm sure i'll figure out exactly what I did before...soon x_x. For now these will do right? 
Hopefully the pictures will get better soon since one of my BFF's come back tomorrow so i'll be able to take pictures outside yay! Taking pictures on your own is not ideal. You have no one to laugh with and cheer you on and it gets boring! And as fellow blogger Fashionista-Next-Door said in her recent post, You get stuck with ALOT of sad/grumpy/angry pictures. So frustrating. But only time will tell if this software and I will become friends or enemies. Let us see.

Last month year, I tried my hand at my first DIY. Lets cut to the chase.. the bullseye in the pictures! That white 'scarf'. Next time I will use a larger shirt lol. Because it was obviously a disaster so please bare with me.

I hope you rang in 2011 safe and were still able to stand you straight at the end of the night! lol If you couldn't stand up straight I assume you enjoyed the night for many of us who were stuck home. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and very prosperous New Year!! I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs and hope you enjoy it! Spread love <3.