Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a fun fill day surrounded by family, friends, and other loved ones. Enjoy the rest of your night!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo...

absolutely love the poster by the way

While I have yet to read the book for this movie im complete intrigued and i'm so excited to see the movie! But something tells me i should read the book first O.o highly doubt thats going to happen... in any case the clothing from the movie grabbed my attention, so when i found out that H&M was collaborating with designer Trish Summerville, i thought.....can i pull this look off though? The collection consists of faux-leather coats, biker pants, shredded tees, and dark denim miniskirts.

I'm still on the fence on this here pants, sadly i have something similar already in my closet, sad...

If there was one thing i'd purchase from the collection it would be these faux?-leather leggings/pants

everything else seems basic...
My clear answer to myself was no...just no. But i do love the looks put together in the campaign. Just really doubt i'd be able to pull the look off, then again you never know, isn't fashion about taking risks and trying new things? 
While I do like the pieces put together in the ad campaign, the pieces on their own don't exactly push any buttons to make me want to go make a purchase, they already look like clothes i can either make or already have in my wardrobe, not to knock the designer, then again i guess we are paying for the brand. Yea, we'll see where and how that goes as far as my money is concerned. Stay tuned to see if i decide to try one of these looks in an upcoming outfit post, and i ask you...would you try this look?

A, page a day - Style Lexicon

Commonly used in the late 18th and 19th centuries (and inspired by ancient Greco-Roman styles), this waistline hits just below the bust. (For a more classic reference, watch any Jane Austen movie adaptation.) From evening gowns to baby-doll dresses, it remains a fashion-forward (and flattering) silhouette.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A, Page-A-Day

Icon: YVES SAINT LAURENT, Designer... why?

Because he was only 21 when he unveiled his first collection as head designer for Christian Dior in 1958. Because he knew that le Smoking - a tuxedo with a nip here, a tuck there, and a lean, body-skimming silhouette - could make a woman look jaw-droppingly sexy. because his innovations were all over the map, from the trapeze dress to the safari look to thigh-high boots.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Velvet Blazers For Women

Marc by Marc Jacobs

 We've all been obsessed with blazers in general, but nowadays, blazers have been getting an exciting twist, which happens to have been around before but we never really took notice of it. The first blazer i purchased set off a sand storm to my blazer diet (no seriously). almost everywhere i went shopping i scoped out for a blazer. So, as it relates to the title of this post, i came across my first velvet blazer in a thrift store (Goodwill thrift store on 23rd street in manhattan). Thrifting, a new found hobby of mind, took a while for me to get comfortable with. but that a completely different post in its own (look out for that post soon).
             blogger Rumi Neely from fashiontoast rocking a velvet blazer in one of her recent posts.

 A velvet blazer is a must have item in a girls closet! promise, you will be happy when you get one. It not only perfect for the fall/winter time in terms of trends right now, but it keeps you super warm and its a classic piece that you will be keeping for years, and possibly pass on.

 I found this blazer (above) for only $10.00  and the brand is the gap, which now has a similar blazer going for upwards of 200-400 dollars (uhm...O.o. yea). After i found it i said, eh, its cute. However, when i got home and did some research i saw that this was one of the top trendy items on many fall/winter runways this season. check out this recent post on velvet accents for the fall/winter - fashionbombdaily . 

Little did i know this when i purchased it. Great find i suppose. And what made it even better, it wasn't black.I have so many black items in my closet, it was begging for color, i just cant help it, i love black. I absolutely adore this color! Just have to get it dry cleaned and it'll be in a post coming real soon. whats your take on this velvet trend? and do you plan to make good use of it this fall/winter?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm going on a boat and im not coming BACK!

I suppose i have a bit of explaining to do....uhm one word...---> school. I know i know, excuses, excuses. However seeing that i'm currently 3 weeks from graduation...the walls are caving in. I've had these pictures uploaded and ready to post since April 6th O.o I've been so busy i had no time to press the post button. Its that serious. Anywhosie. At this point i'm trying to buy time until i leave campus...where i'll be in the real word and have freedom to wear anything i want! (upcoming posts will explain) and my poor shoes...have not been touched smh. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures! i know they are late but i'm trying =). I think i have one or 2 more posts left. I did not know i had that many pictures to post. lastly, thank you to everyone that take time out of their already busy schedule to stop by and post such sweet comments!!.....ENJOY!!!

Who thinks i should take another vacation in 3 weeks???? *raises hand* , sadly i dont think thats going to happen =(

this cup in my hand was soda....i swear!! =D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black and Pink

Blazer & Shoes: Calvin Klein, Pants & Tank: F21, Accessories: F21 & Casio

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm not afraid...

...of uploading pictures with bunny ears...point being...all night i had bunny ears and they were in majority of my pictures was either upload them or no pictures at all lol

We went to the historical Port Royal and ate at Gloria's. Once again, i still don't have a clue why i left jamaican food behind.

Top: Romeo&Juliet, Earrings: F21

The next day my brother filled up my camera with pictures of himself...Well... I took the pictures lol =D. Hadn't seen him in almost 3 years I couldn't say no =( I'd be regretting it right now

At scotches AGAIN! I loves this place!
Dress: F21, Shoe:Steve Madden, Cardigan: Calvin Klein, Belt:F21

JERK PORK AND FESTIVAL!! .........for some strange reason i'm getting hungry right now...
 No utensils were needed. Open foil paper and indulge =D
Tiffany :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take Me Back...I Want to Ride the Waves

i rode a horse!! and i was terrified O.o...obviously

this was MY plate...... lol jk ;)

Waves beach!
Can you believe we had this entire beach to ourselves for the day? everyone was either at school or work...
With the amount of work i have to do right now i'd give it up to go back to Jamaica, who wouldn't though...