Friday, December 31, 2010

Always A Blessing in Disguise...

I Know....I have been gone. But for good reason. I took a trip to Connecticut to stay with my mom who i had not seen in about TWO years because of school. Yes, i did miss my blog, but could do nothing about it because i was not lugging my laptop with me lol. So I made the best of the situation and spent all my time with my mom. Hopefully she could come stay with me soon. For the meantime, plans to visit a friend for NYE were ruined because of the thought of traveling through NYC on this particular day. I passed through on Wednesday as I made my way back to school and it is nowhere to be at the moment. The roads are disgusting and i have NO idea how they plan to keep the place at bay with everyone who will be going there to see the ball drop!
I on the other hand will be spending tonight in doors. Because of my changed plans nothing else could possibly be done. Since everyone and their pockets are charging admission and the fact that you must buy tickets before hand. So no outing for me! or at least for not, let us see where the wind blows me...
As for my blessing in disguise, Staying in is probably best for me. As I would be traveling alone and a lot of crazy people come out at this time. At least that's what I know from back home lol.  

As for my New Year Resolution, I usually do not make any. I work towards my goals and let God show me where he see's my best interest in the future.

On the other hand, I will be making changes to my blog and plan to keep up as much as possible (without my school work intervening). I'll be doing new things with my blog, It won't be that fancy lol but I do try my best =). I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my blog! whether it be following me, commenting or just viewing my page, watching my views go up really do put a smile on my face and makes my day, which is why I plan to put much more effort into this blog.

 THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!! Safe travels to everyone tonight and I hope everyone keep safe!



  1. Hope you enjoyed your visit! I wanted to go to NYC too, but I wasn't feeling that snow!


    ps: thanks for always stopping by and the sweet comments


  2. I did enjoy my visit hun! apart from all that snow that left us stranded lol. NYC is nowhere to be in that good choice!
    and you are welcome any time and thank you for visiting. heading over to your blog to saw happy new year!! :)

  3. @chictherapy Happy New year to you too! =)

  4. happy new year!!