Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here we go again...

jacket - People Liberation, tunic - Charlotte Russe, tights - H&M, shoes - Steve Madden, earring - Swarovski 
I know, I promised pictures on Friday. But I have good reason(=D)came in late so i was unable to upload the pictures. But here we go!!!... =)

I went to see Harry Potter 7.1 and it was so good! I suggest you see it but i don't know if it is just me but i was jumping out my chair most of the movie! lol It had me on edge! After we saw the movie my friends and I went to the time square forever 21. I don't think i have ever see a more organized and crystal clear store. It was so puuurrrdy, but i only got one thing. For some reason that store seems to be extremely pricey compared to how forever 21 used to be. They also carried a lot of trendy items and I was not exactly feeling it. There is too much "trending" in stores right now. Is there no place for normal? I man they had almost everything in leopard print and fur. Items that i think probably won't be as popular pretty soon. Oh well, I refuse to  purchase too much trendy items lol. I don't have it to spend.   
cheesiest smile ever! lol

For my outfit I found this floral tunic in Charlotte Russe for $5.00!! I got another one in brown as well. I know you all might also be wondering why I wear these commbat boots in almost all of my posts. Firstly, my school is not exactly the place to wear heels lol. There is a lot of hills and valleys and my feet would be killing me by time i got to my first class. Secondly, i've been trying to break these bad boys in FOREVER! It feels like a piece of board on your foot all the time. These seem to not want to be broken in and its getting on my nerves at this point haha. Lastly, they go with everything and are the easiest things to put on in the morning. lol Yes this means i need to put more effort and stop being lazy. I will. Promise lol. Enjoy your weekend everyone!! =)
There is no denying that winter is FAST approaching...


  1. cute! i like the edgy boots paired with the girly floral print and i love your hair pulled back!

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  2. thank you! and can you believe i got that tunic for $5! i couldn't pass it up. So much that can be done with it.

  3. Love this complete look. From hair and accessories to wardrobe. Super cute and ffreee =).

  4. Love the outfit, especially the jacket!