Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding My Happy Medium...

I got a comment from a fellow blogger (fashiondujour) on this post, where I spoke about my awkwardness in pictures for my blog lol. She said it was fine. But of course just a day before the comment I tried the whole posing fib..O-o. LOL. Well here is my attempt. I, of course reverted to myself and took a shot at the trees. I hope you guys enjoy!
Wearing: Jacket - from pant suit, cargos - tillys, white tank - F21, handbag - lulus, leopard tank - ??,  shoes - vans, necklace - from mom.


yes... i would love to know what I am doing with me feet lol


  1. I really like your leopard scarf/belt. It was an unexpected surprise.

  2. thank you! the white tank is see-thru so i paired it with the leopard tank to not have too much showing.